Cape Cod Commercial Food & Restaurant Photography

I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne Earl Chinnock for still photography and with four video promotions as well. He is one of the most professional and talented photographers I have worked with. He created amazing photos and was very timely on the turnaround production. He was accommodating and able to work around our kitchen schedule as well. Wayne was able to quickly get stunning photos of our dishes. I can’t wait to work with him again. I would highly recommend him to any client.

Nathan Rich - Executive Chef – Twin Farms – a Relais & Chateau property


Wayne's creativity and vision shine through his photography. He is able to take an idea you have for a photo and take it to whole new level. We couldn't be happier with the photographs he has created for Cru. And it was an absolute pleasure to work with him on our first cooking and lifestyle book:

the Cru Cookbook.

Erin Zircher -Executive Chef - Cru Oyster Bar, Nantucket


I have worked with a variety of photographers in the past. But once I worked with Wayne, I knew I had found the best. He is professional, detailed, collaborative, and talented. But even more important, he works with his clients to understand the unique vision and goals for each project. He doesn't aim just to take your material and photograph it in his style. He makes sure that the photographs he creates for you are tailored to your needs. And he creates those photos with incredible balance, skill and talent. Some of our favorite shots are ones we didn't even think to ask for. I cannot say enough to praise Wayne and his skill. I would recommend his work without reservations to anyone.

Scott L. Jones -Executive Chef - Menton & the Barbara Lynch Gruppo


“Working with Wayne is a real pleasure. Strategic, open-minded, collaborative and extremely creative, Wayne brings a true zest to his work. He’s captured some stunning images at a few of our key alumni events, and also conducted full-scale photo shoots of some our more prominent alumni for our campaign case statement. In every instance, Wayne has delivered outstanding photographs that have met or (oftentimes) surpassed my expectations. Plus, he’s just a fun guy who clearly loves his work. I highly recommend contacting Wayne if you’re in need of a fresh perspective and high quality photography.”

Michael Lynch -Director, Advancement Communications - Bentley University


The thing about Wayne is, he has that thing you have always heard about but never really thought was real...artistic "eye". We commission Wayne to go into every neighborhood we open a new restaurant in prior to our arrival. He is asked to create images that distill the true essence of the neighborhood, reflect the neighborhood in a subtle almost subconscious way. Not the obvious thing, like the Empire State Building, but the shot of the grill on an old store owners car parked in front of her store for the last 35 years. A car a person has passed a thousand times and they can’t quite place right away, but makes them feel the neighborhood. Given the diversity of the neighborhoods we open in this is no small task. He is truly a percipient student of his environment. Couple this irreplaceable attribute with his practical ability to turn his images into wall art, custom tailored to each unique space, and you get the complete service. A service rendered efficiently, timely and priced with in reason. Wayne is one of a kind.

David Dubois -Founder of Tasty Burger and the Franklin Restaurant Group


Wayne is an outstanding professional, who is always prepared and exceeds expectations; he is always a joy to work with and the work never ceases to amaze. He understands and internalizes our vision for each photo shoot and produced images that are perfectly in line with our vision, in addition to always delivering on time.

His images are perfectly balanced – understanding the light, the subject, and the space he is working in. Wayne is extremely professional, yet also brings humor and creativity to all of his shoots. This allows him to get the specific images we request done and done well, but also leaves the door open for the unexpected shots, which often turn out to be our favorites.

Kimberly Morin - Marketing & Public Relations Manager, Barbara Lynch Gruppo


We truly enjoyed working with Wayne on our most recent annual fundraiser. He had a tall order - photographing the programming, food & drink, guest of honor, and more than 500 guests, as well as team and board photos. Wayne executed on every level - communicating and asking clear questions ahead of time, working with our team on site to get through an extensive shot-list, send a few quick photos for media following the event, and ultimately delivering a set of beautiful photographs that met and exceeded our expectations for use in event coverage and future event promotion. We were thrilled with the results!

Lauren Palumbo -Chief Operating Officer, Lovin' Spoonfuls


I have had the great pleasure of working with Wayne in Haiti on two medical missions.

Wayne's keen eye for the aesthetics coupled with his ability to bring clarity and humanity to every image he created speaks to the talent of his photography. Every picture is "real"- it captures the moment, the place and tells the story. In addition to his amazing talent, Wayne has been a joy to work with, sometimes under difficult circumstances. In Haiti, working conditions for all of us are far from ideal- lighting is poor, the facilities we are accustom to at home are just not available- we make do with what we have. Wayne was gracious about doing just that, and not only took the most artistic and poignant photographs, but also integrated into our medical team and "became" the mission of providing health care in dire circumstances. He is a wonderful problem solver he and related beautifully to the diverse group of volunteers on both our trips together. He is a total professional.

Whether I were planning a wedding or needed documentation of a humanitarian cause, I would go with Wayne in a heartbeat. He is a true find.

Irene Jill Ratner MD-Co-Founder /Hands Up for Haiti


I have had the wonderful experience of working with Wayne on several events on our campus. He has provided wonderful candid photography of large-scale events including formal dances, concerts and orientation programs. He has also provided “photo booth” style opportunities for some of these events as well.

Each time we get the photographs back from his work, the students and staff are absolutely floored by the great and good work that Wayne produces. Ultimately, the photos are not simply a catalogue of moments, but rather, they are a look into the spirit of our community and they truly encapsulate what makes us what we are. Wayne is easy to work with, and has become a “go to” for my team.

Laura A. De Veau, M.Ed. -Vice President for Student Affairs - Mount Ida College

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