Purchasing Stunning Prints

Wayne has a large array of photographs from around the world available for purchasing. He strives to update his image library as it continually grows. If you are looking for specific subject matter, geographical zone or theme not posted at the moment please contact us directly and we shall see if we have what you are looking for.

Wayne is available for assignment and commercial work in addition to creating custom installations for any space. And of-course custom prints are available as well.

We do a good deal of Printing on Metal with or without Acrylic coating for restaurant installations and office design. Large Wallpaper printing is available as well.

We use one of the most consistent printing services in the country with amazing turnaround times. We hope you enjoy perusing.

Fine Art  Black & White

Wayne is very passionate about the B&W photograph. Though shooting all in digital now, he was initially trained at the University of Arizona in specifically in fine are black and white with hundreds of hours in the dark room hand printing his photographs. Now it is a digital realm he uses but thoroughly enjoys creating B&W images in the digital dark room. He also works a great deal with bleeding in Sepia and Monochrome to many of his fine art images.

Castilla La Mancha

International Landscapes

Wayne has been to 43 countries thus far working on documentary, humanitarian, travel and commercial stories. Along the way he has photographed some pretty amazing locations and  landscapes. Here are just a few.

Floral Details

Wayne really discovered flowers and their texture after a major shoulder surgery in which he simply couldn't pick up any of his heavier lenses for a few months. He began documenting the aging process of many of the flowers that his fiance brought home each week.  He became enamored with their infinite details and stunning aging processes; each flower is truly unique and displays its own fragile gestures creating a wondrous landscape to capture.

Monomoy Nantucket landscape

Mass, Cape Cod & the Islands

Wayne spent almost ten years on the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard as his home base. The islands and the Cape are very special to him and he continues to document their landscapes seasonally. He especially loves the off-season when the colors are dramatically different and the islands almost feel asleep at times in their remote areas.

Barcelona table still life

Still Life Inspirations

Everyday offers an amazing array of life moments to capture. Humans never seem to slow down, we are moving at an ever increasing pace through life, often missing the simple beauty of day-to-day occurrences in our lives. We go so quickly that sometimes we even sidestep some of the beautiful gestures that our loved ones create with their daily habits. Wayne enjoys discovering new ways to look at and document these moments.

Rockport Harbor, ME

New England

Having spent over fifteen years calling New England home it has grown on Wayne quite a bit. He is an Arizona boy who has fallen in love with the ocean and real seasons. He does't even mind going for a chilly road trip on the motorcycle from time to time. From Maine down to Rhode Island the geography is truly amazing. Here are just a few images.

American Landscapes

We are a never ending landscape of different values, religions, accents and endeavors accompanied by drastically different topographies. America's varying and changing landscapes and people are wonderful to document.

Big Diggin' Boston

Our beloved Boston is filled with some of the worst drivers in the US, an incredible variety of cultures, a plethora of medical schools, biotech labs and Ivy League universities, phenomenal history and of-course the Red Sox. We love it here, but be sure to avoid hitting Wayne on his touring motorcycle and keep up your crazy sense of Boston Pride.

Large Wallpaper &  Print Installations

These photographs have specifically been edited for large home and office installations.

We will discuss your specific space needs and work with you and creating the perfect application for the prints chosen.

 Contact us with price inquiries.

Instagrams & Hipstamatics

We know, We know, iphone images!! Come on. Well let's face it, this is where we are headed and Wayne loves what he can create on the fly. And its not always on the fly anyway. Wayne recently did a restaurant installation of just Instagram images, printed on metal, that he created in and around Harvard Sqaure; they are hanging at that Tasty Burger location.